Advantages of Dye Sublimation Printing


Dye sublimation printing is a relatively superior – method of printing. It uses a breakthrough scientific method producing higher quality images than other printing systems.

The Sublimation Process is when a substance goes through the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. In a Dye Sublimation Printer, the printer dye is heated up until it turns into a gas at which point it diffuses onto the wood and solidifies. These vapours make their way into the target surface, where they then turn back into solid form. Compared to the traditional screen printing technique such as inkjet and laser printing, which sprays liquid ink onto a page or surface, were the graphic is caked on top of the material and can easily scratch.

One of the big advantages of dye sublimation is that it doesn’t rely on the traditional printing technique of laying down colours as individual dots, which when viewed closely appear exactly as that – a grid of dots with white space between them – with the result that the image is less lifelike and realistic.

Instead, the unique way dye sublimation printing applies ink to the surface resulting image a big quality boost. That’s because as those vaporized ink colours impregnate the target surface, they fade in through gradation at the edges of each pixel (which are the building blocks of a printed image). This gradation process means there isn’t a noticeable white gap between the pixels, giving the final image a much more robust and natural realistic look.

Instead of brushing like to the surface; it literally infuses the material, resulting an image that is more naturally woven into the target material, therefore longer lasting. And the dye-sublimation printed image and its dazzling and vibrant colours are less likely to fade as time goes by than materials printed with other techniques.


Benefits of sublimation:

  • Design is virtually unlimited, from simple shapes and colours to blends, shadows and photographic images.
  • Rich and vibrant colors every time.
  • Logos, names, numbers and sponsors can be included in the design in full colour.
  • Sublimation allows you to use full color spectrum.
  • You can customize your design.
  • Fast process depending on volume order.
  • No set-up fees.

Whether you are in the skateboard industry or a skate junkie, you can order as many as 1 or 1000; no limit, no set up fees.


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