Affiliate Program

Affiliates Program

Updated as of 9/01/2016

Get  e Store Credit 

Now is your chance to join up with mysk8design, as partners with one of the BEST Skateboard Manufacturers the Industry now offers, it’s continued growth reaching all America’s Pro Skaters and Brands, mysk8design backs its boards 100%.

By joining and participating in our Affiliate Program; you can get e Store Credit on every qualified sale, we leave it up to you on how much you want to earn. The more you sell, well; the more you earn…is that simple!!

Becoming a member is very simple, log in to and create an account, start designing and every time you save a design select the box Add to Affiliate if you wish to participate. You will be able to track down how much e Store credit you have towards your next purchase in your Dashboard area.

How does it work?

Using our powerful and easy to design tools, you can create, design and upload almost anything and offer it on our website; create a brand, create a style, there’s no limit, also you may set the price of your design is that simple.
Please see Terms and Conditions for more details.