About Us

Our skate team and our web designers came up with this site just for you; so YOU can take full control of your design, so when you hit an ollie, grind those rails you show off that awesome design. You can experiment by using selfies, pre loaded artwork, family pictures, add text, your choice,…design, create and RIDE! that awesome deck as easy as 1-2-3!!

But that’s not all…your awesome design will be printed using the best printing technology.

We don’t screen print, we Sublimate and then apply the Microslick® system technology, so that every inch of your design’s colors, pride, and style last as long as your board.

And yes !!! we are partners with the #1 Custom Skateboard Deck Manufacturers, so your awesome design will not only look good, but will be on one of the best decks out there, built using 100% American Maple.

At mysk8design YOU! get to be the artist.

You can download the APP so you can design on the go anytime anywhere.