Privacy Policy

Updated as of 09/22/2016

mysk8design respects the privacy of its Valued Members and Visitors. This Privacy and Security Statement is to provide you with information on how mysk8design collects, uses, and shares the information we collect from our Members and Visitors. It presents choices that you can make about how we use your information to improve the shopping experience and to provide customers relevant information about our products, services, and promotions.
A) About This Policy
This Privacy Policy and Security Statement describes the practices of mysk8design and its affiliates.
It applies to our interactions with our members and visitors, including, but not limited to:
(i) The Use of our websites, including mobile websites
(ii) The Use of our app. for mobile phones, tablets or other smart devices
(iii) Phone and email communications
(iv) Social media interactions on our websites and other third party websites like Facebook, You Tube, Google+, Instagram and Twitter
(v) Viewing our on-line catalog and/or advertisements or emails
(vi) Through our authorized Internet service providers
B) Information We Collect
(i) Contact Information
We may collect the names and user-names of our customers upon registering thus becoming Members of mysk8design, and if required that of our visitors. We also collect your purchase history, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other digital contact information provided. We may also collect information provide to us about others as referrals.
(ii) Payment Information
For every purchase made through our website’s on-line catalog, that being an Item or Service; we collect your payment information, including from your credit or debit card, check, Pay Pal account or gift card.
(iii) Returns Information
When you request to return a product or request a refund or exchange, you may be asked to provide your name, address, phone number and information that identifies you, such as your valid ID or driver’s license. We use the information we collect from you to track returns and to help detect and prevent fraud and otherwise administer our loss prevention program. More details about our Returns Policy, click here.
(iv) Demographic Information
We may collect information about products or services you’ve purchased through our on-line catalog, reviews you submit, or your shopping experience. We might also collect information like your age or gender.
(v) Location Information
We may collect location data obtained from your mobile device when using our on-line app. You can control how we use your device’s location information in the settings menu of your device.
C) Methods of Collecting Information
Any information we collect comes directly from you. How is this information collected?:
(i) When you register
(ii) In connection with an on-line purchase.
(iii) When you submit a question or answer, when you provide us with comments or reviews or contact our call center.
(iv) By uploading or sharing a photo or other digital content through one of our websites, applications or via social media.
(v) When you register in our Rewards Program.
(vi) When you participate in our promotions.
(vii) When you return a product and/or redeem Reward Points.
(viii) When you apply to our Affiliate Member’s Program.
(ix) When you interact with us as a registered Member of our websites; e.g. when you use the features of My Account tool.
We may use tracking tools like browser cookies, flash cookies, and web beacons.
We collect information from other sources. We may collect information about you from a friend. For example, if your friend purchases something from our mysk8design On-line Catalog to send to you or if your friend provides your information through one of our refer-a-friend type features. When using these features, please ensure that you only submit email addresses of individuals with whom you have a close personal or family relationship, who would be interested in receiving the communication, and who has giving you authorization to share their email address.
D) How we use the information provided by you, the user:
We use the information we collect for our business purposes, including:
(i) To respond to your questions and requests.
(ii) Fulfilling orders, to ensure proper delivery or providing services.
(iii) Administering your participation in our Rewards Program and our Affiliates Program.
(iv) To provide you with information regarding such programs or services.
(v) Processing a return (for more detail on our Returns Policy, click here)
(vi) Responding to a product or service review
(vii) To send you our latest catalogs and other offers.
(viii) To improve our Customer Service.
When applicable; we may send you communications about special promotions or offers via regular mail, email, including ads on social media platforms. We may send you emails if you have registered on a website and indicated you want to receive this information or if you gave your information in one of our Partners Store. We may also notify you of new website features or products and services. We may also send information about offers from our Partners we think you might find interesting. We may use information to deliver you marketing communications (including on line ads) based on your interests. For example, if you view a product on our website, you may see ads for that product on our Partner’s website.  To communicate with you about your account. We may contact you to tell you about changes to this Privacy and Security Statement, the Terms of Use of our websites and mobile applications, changes to any of our programs in which you might be enrolled. We may also tell you about issues with your orders, products or services requested. As you engage with our content on or through social networking websites, plug-ins and applications, you may allow us to have access to certain social media account information (e.g., name, user name, email address, age) as determined by the settings of the social media services to deliver the content or as part of the operation of the website, plug-in or application. Social media platforms may collect information about your use of our services and may notify other users of the platform about your activities on our websites and mobile applications. Social media services may also use cookies or other technologies to track your on line activities over time and across multiple websites and mobile applications. Your interactions with social media features are hereby governed by the respective privacy policies of the companies providing the features.
E) Accessing Third Party Websites
You will be able to access third party websites, social media and others through our website, however; this Privacy Policy does NOT apply when you do so, as we do not have control as to how these websites may use your information.
F) Children’s accessing our website
Children under the age of 18 are allowed to upload graphics and images as to design and create a product only by using his/her parent’s or legal guardian’s account. In addition, as all information, data, graphics may be shared using any social media, these can only be done with prior authorization from the parents or legal guardian. mysk8design will not be responsible for any information, data or graphics shared as subjected and entitled to royalties or other earnings. Parents or Guardians of children under the age of 18 have the option to consent to the sharing of the child’s designs collection or not. Such contents will not be released by mysk8design to third parties without the parents’ or guardians consent except as may be required by law or upon court order. mysk8design does not participate or engage in the selling of information regarding the habits, behavior, buying patterns, or demographic information of our Members or visitors. You can review your child’s designs at anytime by logging onto your account, have that personal information deleted or refuse further collection and use of that information by requesting to mysk8design Customer Support.
G) Account Registration
You may register on the mysk8design website. Once becoming a registered Member, you may be free to browse through our on line Products and Services, however; for every purchase we will need; your shipping addresses and billing information; these will be securely stored with us for your future use. Creating a User-name and a Password of your choice, you may access your Member’s Account on line at any time to add, delete, or change information. An Internet connection is required. When using a public computer, we strongly recommend you to LOG OUT at the conclusion of every session.
We strongly recommend your account information is up to date; you can change, modify or update your account at anytime in the “My-account” section of the Site. We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or needed to provide you services and to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. Unless stated otherwise, mysk8design Privacy Policy applies to all information we collect from you and your account. If you do not want to receive e-mails with Promotions, Offers and others; from mysk8design or its affiliates you can click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email communication sent by us. Allow 7 business days from when the request was sent to complete the removal, as some of our promotions may already have been in process before you submitted your request.
H) mysk8design Privacy Policy
Every time you use our website and its services, you are accepting the Policies herein.